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You Need stop doing these three things, they can damage your eye.



Our species can’t survive if we don’t find answers to these mysteries.

You should be very pleased with your progress and accomplishments so far.

You should cover your eyes as much as possible, as this may be the single most effective safety action you can take.


This article will go over a few simple steps that you may do today to protect your eyesight and enhance your general health. Have patience and wait for the mailman to deliver the package. Please take your time reading the next sections if you value your sight.

First, shorten it; no audience would appreciate watching a movie that went on for too long. Recent studies have shown that staring at a screen for extended periods of time can cause permanent harm to the eyes, hence it is recommended that everyone reduce their screen usage as much as possible.

In order to prevent damage to your eyes, you should limit your use of electronic devices. If you need to use Android for long periods of time, make use of its various capabilities to reduce eye strain.

Your eyes will thank you for the care you give them if you maintain a healthy diet. Avoiding the negative cosmetic outcomes of an unhealthy diet is as crucial as ever. Some research suggests that eating a lot of fat can damage eyesight. Vegetables and fruits are good for your eyes, so try to eat more of them.

We could feel chilly or sleepier after wiping our eyes dry. Excessive eye scratching may result in permanent eyesight loss.

If at all possible, you should avoid putting your eyes through any discomfort. Things could improve if you stopped clamping your eyes shut so hard.

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