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“You Are Too Much”: Elegant Lady in Red Polo Sells Vegetable in Open Market, Video Goes Viral on TikTok



  • A young girl who sells vegetables in the market has gone viral on TikTok because of her ravishing beauty
  • She was seen in the video dressed in a red polo top with a TikTok logo on it, and she was chopping vegetables
  • Her beauty has caught the attention of many people who have seen the video, and they are showering her with praises

A nice TikTok video shows a very beautiful young lady selling vegetables in an open market.

Not long after the video was posted by @user46150779668195, it went viral and got more than 5k likes.

Photos of a beautiful lady selling vegetables.
The beautiful lady knows how to cut vegetable with speed. Photo credit: TikTok/@user46150779668195.
Source: TikTok

The short clip lasted just 11 seconds, but it was enough to showcase the girl’s ravishing beauty.

Fine girl who sells vegetables goes viral on TikTok

In the video, the girl was sitting in her portion of the market, and she was surrounded by a lot of vegetables.


Apart from the vegetables, many other market women could also be seen milling around her.

She sat like an experienced market woman, and she was chopping green vegetables that looked like spinach.

Her expertise with the knife and how fast she cut the leaves of the spinach is nothing but admirable.

The girl’s beauty became more noticeable when she lifted up her head and smiled at the camera in a friendly way.

Another thing that attracted attention was the girl’s dress. She was putting on a red top with a TikTok logo on it.

She has been praised by some TikTok users who have seen the video. At the moment, the video has received more than 241k views.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions from TikTok users

@user2383774825430 said:

“You are too much.”

@mamanimaga821 commented:

“Beautiful woman. I like her courage.”

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