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Wrinkled Head? This is what it means if you ever see a man with a wrinkled Head

At some point in your life, you must have met a man with a craggy skull. This is precisely what it means.


The term “cutis verticis” is used to describe a type of head shape that resembles the brain in its structure, with its curved folds and deep canal. This is a reason for concern because it seems to be becoming worse with time.

Cutis verticis appears more frequently in men than in women. It has been determined that men constitute a significantly larger proportion of the population afflicted with this condition than women do. The long, straight hair of the woman in question is the primary cause of this rare case of cutis verticis.

The majority of cases appear before the age of 30, with the highest prevalence during the teenage years.

This disorder can be broken down into three categories. paramount, even the minor and unimportant things.

In theory, this means that the illness’s root cause remains unknown. There are no supplementary abnormalities that could be linked to gyrata verticis cutis main. Cutis verticis minor, on the other hand, has links to conditions like epilepsy, convulsions, and even eye diseases like cataracts.


Several diseases and conditions cause changes to the scalp’s structure, and the result can be the appearance of secondary vertical warts.

Avoiding this problem is as simple as keeping the scalp clean enough so that secretions don’t build up in the creases of the scalp. It’s possible that the pinnacle of cosmetic surgery will be required.

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