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Why Lampard should avoid the sentimental selection of English players like Graham Potter.



Ex-England and Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard who was reappointed as Chelsea’s interim manager should try his best to avoid being sentimental in his choice of players’ selections.


So that Chelsea football club’s squad will encounter victories: The winning streak of Chelsea football club will be directly proportional to the level at which Frank Lampard determines to be featuring players that are in fine form with sentiments of always favoring British players. Chelsea fans all over the globe are indeed rumoring that Mason Mount would surely be on Chelsea’s starting lineup in all of Chelsea’s games because of the presence of Frank Lampard. However, such shouldn’t be the case as Lampard should try his best to feature players that will be able to lead Chelsea’s squad to victories and successes. If Mount is in fine form, then it is not bad to be starting ahead of Felix or other attackers. But if Mount isn’t in good shape, then it’ll be sentimental to feature him ahead of others. This same goes for other positions like the midfield, striking and defensive positions as well, Lampard should only select players that are in fine form in every Chelsea match.

So that he will be loved and supported by the Chelsea fans: Most Chelsea football club fans did not only hate Graham Potter for obtaining poor results. But many hated him (Graham) because he only had the interest of the British players at heart and not really Chelsea. That was why he (Graham) always selects English players most of the time and does not fail to bring in English players too, even when other players are in fine form than those English players. For instance, Graham Potter hardly features Zakaria ahead of Gallagher even when it’s crystal clear that Zakaria makes a more positive impact on the midfield position of Chelsea than Gallagher.

Lampard should always select the best players whom he deems capable enough of damage to other teams.


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