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Why I Slept With Dead Man In The Mortuary To Get Pregnant: Mother Of Twins Reveals



The woman has come forward to describe how she got pregnant by sleeping with a dead man. Adhiambo tried numerous doctors and healers that friends and family had recommended to her, but she was still unable to get pregnant.

The woman claimed that she had suffered greatly for years due to her being unable to conceive. An issue exacerbated by in-laws who encouraged her husband, Vincent, to divorce her.

“Those same individuals used to look at me reproachfully as if I had committed an unforgivable sin.

My neighbours repeatedly called me derogatory names, and my husband was under pressure to marry outside of his family. The medical records of my husband showed that he was healthy, but they found me guilty of having blocked reproductive tubes. In Adhiambo’s opinion, the best efforts of doctors, healers, and pastors, in Adhiambo’s opinion, were unsuccessful.

Adhiambo paid a visit to a sorcerer. He told her she had a family curse and the only way to break it was to have a sexual encounter with a dead person.

“I pondered it for a while before making the audacious decision to try it. I travelled to Ahero, paid the mortuary attendant there, and they handled everything. I followed the wizard’s instructions exactly. It’s been the worst experience of my life, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through it.

Six months after the unpleasant experience, according to Adhiambo, nothing had changed. No pregnancy was present. She was aware that it was a mere illusion and that she had been duped.

“I completely surrendered and put everything in God’s hands. I was recommended to try Wema, a herbalist, by one of my neighbours. She had praised him as a respectable herbalist who had assisted countless people in need in the area. She even gave me her phone number, but to be completely honest, after my previous nightmare in the morgue, I was hesitant to make any calls. She admitted, “I was not prepared to go through such a terrifying encounter again.”

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Her neighbour, nevertheless, tried to clarify how such a truly innovative herbalist differs from others in terms of how she operates. Thanks to this source of courage, Mr. Adhiambo was able to talk to the herbalist.

“I advised myself enough to give it one last shot. At this point, I was even thinking about killing myself. I got in touch with the herbalist, and we set up the meeting. The herbalist prescribed me herbal medicine that I was to take for four months after having listened to me, she narrated.

Adhiambo was astonished to learn that she became pregnant just three months after faithfully taking the medicine man’s recommended dosages. She gave birth to twins nine months later.

Today, “we are the happiest couple on the planet. We are going to parent these girls well because we have our own children. Simply put, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to compensate this herbalist. God made use of him to bring us joy. She cried as she finished narrating her story.

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