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” Why I regret getting vaccinated ” Woman Says And Give Explanation



The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of change to the world and to countries around the world. The normal lives that people used to live changed due to the pandemic, and people had to find ways in which to live through it. It also resulted in millions of people being infected by the virus and millions more across the world losing their lives and breaking families. When the virus first hit, it caused panic amongst people, and they looked up to governments to find solutions to ensure that livelihoods were not completely changed and life could at least get back to normal.

Governments had to come up with a solution in which the rate of the virus gets reduced and how it is spreading is reduced, and pharmaceutical companies came up with different vaccines that people had to take so that the spread of the virus can be lowered and the risk of death can also be reduced. Millions of people took the vaccine, even though there were theories about it being a cause of more deaths because people’s bodies reacted differently to it.

Even though some people have stated that the vaccine has not resulted in them experiencing any bad side effects, others, however, have opened up about it on their social media. A woman recently posted that she regrets getting vaccinated because it just resulted in her immune system being extremely weak, and her lungs have become weak and her sinuses have become unbearable with the flu infecting her every week.

Many people replied in the comments saying that they have experienced the same thing, especially after getting vaccinated because their immune system was better before the vaccine. Do you believe that the vaccine makes people ill?


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