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Why Chelsea might regret choosing Nagelsmann Over Enrique as Potter’s replacement



Chelsea has lined up several names as a replacement for Graham Potter who was dismissed today. Meanwhile, it has been said that Julian Nagelsmann is the leading candidate to take the job but Chelsea might regret appointing him instead of Luis Enrique for some reason.

It was an expected event today as Potter was eventually sent home following his run of poor results. He left Chelsea at eleventh on the league table, took them out of the Carabao Cup and FA Cup. The only tangible achievement he had was guiding Chelsea to the quarter-finals of the UCL this season. He recorded the lowest winning percentage in Chelsea’s history.

The likes of Mauricio Pochettino, Zinedine Zidane, Julian Nagelsmann, and Hansi-Flick are the coaches shortlisted to replace Potter. Pochettino’s track record is not convincing enough which is why he might not be appointed.

Zidane on the other hand doesn’t have a pattern of management that interest Chelsea. Nagelsmann according to reports remains the only favourite to take the job. Signing Hansi-Flick is hard because he is currently focused on the German national team.

However, Chelsea might regret choosing Nagelsmann over Enrique as Potter’s replacement because Enrique is more experienced and has a consistent approach which is important in the league, plus a winning mentality.

Chelsea can’t become an intern for upcoming managers. Nagelsmann might be better than Potter. But there are negative chances that he might not be the right man to handle Chelsea.

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