Why are people saying Hanks is ok? – comedian Nasboi shares his experience meeting Hanks Anuku —VIDEO


Popular Nigerian comedian, Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru, professionally known as Nasboi has cried out over veteran Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku.

According to Nasboi, Anuku was spotted roaming the streets of Asaba, looking very ill. The comedian cum film actor who posted the video of their moment together gave Anuku some money and asked for his number.

Nasboi went on to question those who claimed Hanks Anuku is mentally stable, because judging from what he saw, he would argue otherwise. See video and posts below:

Recall sometime in November, videos circulated online showing the veteran actor walking mindlessly on the streets and many wondered if he was okay. Actress Shan George refuted claims that Hanks Anuku was ill because according to her they were on a movie set days back.

Hanks Anuku himself refuted claims of battling a mental illness, stating that he is perfectly healthy.

According to him, those photos and videos of him that hit the net, were from movie scenes.

Hanks warned the rumours peddlers to stop ruining his reputation.

In his final message to them, he prayed for the Holyspirit to forgive them. He said:

“Stop writing crap about me and leave me alone. If they want to act a movie and they need help, come to me. I have been on set and those using those pictures are trying to ruin my image. May the Holyspirit forgive you. We shall hook up pretty soon”.

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