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Who is Maria Wasti? Maria Wasti leaked scandal on twitter and reddit, Ayesha Omer pictures



Actor Maria Wasti addressed the scandal that followed a leak of her private photos. The pictures, where Wasti and Ayesha Omer can be seen on vacation, went viral on the internet, subjecting her to immense criticism from trolls.

Years after Maria Wasti’s private photos leaked online, the actor spoke on Nadir Ali’s podcast about the ensuing scandal.

Wasti spoke about how photos of her and Ayesha Omer in swimsuits while on vacation leaked online. She said there was no way to ensure that her personal photos would not be made public.

“These are some personal photos, this was done when people knew very little about privacy settings. But it was a personal friend of Ayesha who leaked our photos to the media. It’s sad that this happened.

Varsity defended her decision to wear a bikini at the time, saying she would not apologize for wearing an outfit of her choice. The actress also revealed that she has received a lot of negative comments about her photos on social media, but hasn’t let it get to her.

“My life, my choices… yes, people lied to me. I was going to check who was criticizing and what they were saying. I was careful which words should affect me and which shouldn’t. That’s your own too Choice. I’m not happy about it because it steals my personal photos or my private life and you don’t show it to the media. So it shouldn’t do it, but it happens.

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