Who Has Petitioned The DSS Since Tinubu Told His Supporters That Power Can Only Be Snatched —Okonkwo

According to Okonkwo, while speaking on Arise TV, made an interesting point regarding the lack of response to several statements made by APC supporters and even Bola Ahmed Tinubu that could potentially disrupt the polity of Nigeria. These statements have gone largely unchallenged, and yet no one has petitioned the DSS for further investigation.

Okonkwo claimed that the APC had melted out tremendous maltreatment to the people of Lagos state during the 2023 election, including alleged voter suppression and statements that non-APC members should come out and vote unless they were going to vote for the all progressive congress party.

He also claimed that Tinubu said that power isn’t served like breakfast, rather they have to snatch and grab it, which was enforced by his people during the election, yet, no one petitioned the DSS on the case.

Okonkwo further stated that while Peter Obi, the former Governor of Anambra State, called for peace to reign and that he would take the matter to court, which he did, the ruling party claims that Peter Obi is overheating the political arena.

It is concerning that there has been no response to these allegations, particularly given the potential consequences that could arise from such inflammatory rhetoric. It is hoped that the DSS will take up the case and investigate these claims that could negatively impact the political climate of the country.

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