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“Where Did He Learn This? A person in the background kept giving the boy numbers to add and he surprisingly did justice to them



  • A video of a little boy doing arithmetic without the help of a calculator has earned the admiration of netizens
  • ” Little Boy Adds Huge Numbers in Seconds Without Using Calculator, Video Trends
  • Many social media users wondered where the boy learnt it from as they showered him encomiums


A little boy has become a viral sensation after a video of him adding numbers effortlessly surfaced on the net.

The boy added numbers rapidly before a camera without being aided by someone or using a calculator.

Little boy, big numbers
The kid sums big numbers. Photo Credit: @danielstutuh
Source: TikTok

When it got to bigger numbers, he did not disappoint the person calling it for him in the background. He kept on giving accurate answers.

The stunning video has gone viral on TikTok and elicited massive reactions from social media users.


Many people commended the lad, wondering how he did it.

Watch the video below:


Social media reactions

user9761614609009 said:

“Wow good boy, ad am very proud of him.”

Michael said:

“This one more than calculator ooo.”

Madea said:

“This younger boy OMG . he is so smart. Uganda kids wow. I’m proud of my country ❤ Uganda.”

lumbukanormanchikwanda said:

“Don’t advise this child to study history or any science.he is an accountant or business management.so brilliant.”

blessedmanyanda35 said:

“Well but it seems as he was cramimg that.”

user3233342881101 said:

“Were did he learn all these.”

tate_sai said:

“You are good boy, geuse you are better then me.”

Uncle (K) Masukume said:

“Thus not a boy, tht guy i guess he’s older tht J. Zuma.”

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