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“Where Are They From?” 2 Elegant Ladies With Jaw-dropping Beauty Attends Wedding, Video Goes Viral on TikTok



  • Two ladies who are extremely beautiful appeared in a viral wedding video, and TikTok users are not getting enough of them
  • In the video, the two ladies were sitting in the front row when the camera zoomed in on them to show their beauty
  • At the moment, the 5 seconds video has been liked more than 13k times as people ask where the ladies come from


Two elegant damsels have gone viral on TikTok because of their jaw-dropping beauty.

In a video posted by @weddings_with_ekow, the two ladies clearly stood out from the crowd.

Photos of a two beautiful ladies at a wedding.
The ladies look so beautiful that they have gone viral. Photo credit: TikTok/@weddings_with_ekow.
Source: TikTok

The video is said to have been recorded at a wedding that the ladies attended as guests.

Two beautiful wedding guests go viral on TikTok

They were dressed uniformly, and this gave them off as aso-ebi girls who were there for the bride.


Their amazing beauty has, however, caused a stir on TikTok where many people are praising them.

One of the ladies was dressed in a mono-strap maxi dress with beige colour and she smiled at the camera in a sweet way.

The second was also dressed in the same colour of gown, which shimmered and shone like diamonds.

TikTok users who have seen the ladies are simply not getting enough of them.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@Her_Wife said:

“The first one.”

@POSSIVIBE commented:

“Get hip pad, nice slay dress, good makeup artist n correct human hair. You will glow.”

@Joseph Johnson6246 said:

“I want the second one sheesh.”

@Chale Mingers commented:

“Surprised they are not yet married.”

@Phalandwa John said:

“They were there.”

@GarryOwen 9D said:

“God! She’s so incredibly gorgeous!”

@coco said:

“First lady is beautiful.”

@Unruly Omar commented:

“They are all so beautiful.”

@McBonney said:

“It’s supposed to be “Where are these beautiful ladies from?”

@Kelvin Hall said:

“Yes they are quite beautiful!!”

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