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“WhatsApp group dey to pull artist down” – Woli Arole raises alarm over ‘cabal’ in Nigerian gospel music industry



Popular comedian and prophet, Woli Arole, has raised the alarm against ‘cabal’ within the Nigerian gospel music industry, vowing to publicly call out those fingered.

He claimed that the body had a significant impact on gospel musicians’ careers and made decisions that could either positively or otherwise impact their future.

Woli Arole took to his Instagram page to make the claims following berate about the maltreatment of artistes by record label bosses and bullying in the music industry.

He disclosed that numerous gospel artists have been messaging him privately with allegations, supporting the claim of a secretive group within the gospel music community. This group apparently uses a WhatsApp chat to jointly determine actions against artists they might not favor.


Arole emphasized that gospel artists might miss out on opportunities if they associate with those not sanctioned by this secretive group. Encouraging those affected to voice their concerns, the actor and radio host stated, “Silence can limit one’s destiny. I’ve heard rumors of a ‘cabal’ in gospel music. My inbox is filling up with messages about it.”

He wrote, “Haaaaaa. Kingdom of GOD. I hear say “WhatsApp group Dey to pull Artist down”. Wahala ma se le gidi.”

“Wait what am I hearing, competition in GOSPEL MUSIC, are we not singing to glorify GOD? Fake love in gospel? Backbiting in gospel music industry?”

“Haaaaaaa. This matter long. Na that CABAL vex me pass. They won’t call someone because he/she is seen with another person. GOSPEL MUSIC!!!!!. Which way!!!!!”


See his post below:

Woli Arole raises alarm over'cabal' in gospel music
Woli Arole raises alarm over'cabal' in gospel music


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