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What These Little Bumps on the Skin Are And How To Take Care Of Them



We all have seen individuals with such bumps on the skin, they are called milk spots. These little bumps are filled with keratin which gets trapped under the skin. Most people might treat them as acne but they are not, they mostly occur around the cheeks, forehead and eyelids. These bumps cannot be acne because acne is usually activated by hormones

Reason they appear


Their appearance on different parts of the skin remains mystery to be solved but there might be some good explanations. Your skin might be damaged and the effects of irritation, sun exposure and using strong products for skin care can make milk spots to start forming on the skin. Buildup of dead skin and your genetic makeup are some other simple explanations that cannot be ignored

What to do


One thing you have to understand is that the bumps are harmless, so there is no need to try and get rid of them using heavy products and harmful methods. You might have read of some various ways to handle them, it is good to try keeping in mind none of the preventive measures have been proven effective. Here are some of the simplest ways to handle them

Protect your skin


Since burns, sun exposure and using heavy products activate milk spots, you might think of protecting your skin. Having a good sunscreen and moisturizer is very good idea because you will be able to effectively protect your skin especially under the sun. Always apply skin protecting products even when you sit near a window in a car.


Try products with retinol


Retinol is one of the ingredients that are believed to have abilities to get rid of milk spots. Try products with this ingredient, for instance retinol creams reveal a smooth layer of skin preventing build up.