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What Is EGBERE, BushBaby And Why Do They Cry All The Time, The Meaning Of Their Mat, Here’s Every Thing You Need To know

In Yoruba folklore, there is a mythical character called Egbére. Also known as Bush Baby, Egbére is a gnome, characterised by a dreary appearance, copious tears, and a tattered mat. The scary nose-dripping dwarf roams about the forest in tears, and is always in a foul mood.

Egbére, the homeless wanderer, always carries with it a tattered mat of wealth. The mat has the reputation of enriching whoever is brave enough to snatch it from the wailing gnome. Legend has it that, anyone who snatches Egbére’s mat, is haunted by the gnome’s wailings for a long period. However, if such a fellow is able to ignore or withstand Egbére’s wailings, s/he becomes rich forever. On the other hand, if Egbére succeeds in retrieving its mat, the fellow will die in odious penury, and could even run mad.

Similar to Egbére is the leprechaun, a magical character in general Celtic mythology and Irish fables. The leprechaun is a small, mischievous but solitary elf, who could either be malevolent or benevolent. He reputedly keeps a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and enriches whoever he chooses with it.

I really do wonder, who has actually seen an Egbére before? I have never… I only heard tales.

Ǹjẹ́ ẹyin ti ṣe alábápàdé Egbére rí? Àbí ẹ ti gbọ́ ìtàn rẹ̀ rí? Have you ever had an encounter with an Egbére? Or have you been told stories about the gnome?


  1. Yes, I have heard about the tales of Egbere on different occasions.But, I don’t really believe in the tales.

  2. I have seen it before when I was in primary school those days in somewhere in Abeokuta, I was in primary ,3,4,5.then I remember they use to pursue us away then, because some part of our classrooms is ontop high rock.and there some thick bushes around us.I don’t want to mention the name of my primary school.

  3. I have heard it cry before about 4 times or even more. It cries like a real baby of around one year old.

  4. Yes, I have heard about it even more than the way you illustrated it. Let me add this to your illustration: when egbere is walking in the bush or close to you, the sound of his footsteps is heavy that you can’t afford to wait and see what’s coming.

    1. I saw it in a forest in Niger State.the name of the village is (Bassa) is a very thick forest where we see gorilla and other Animals. When ever I sleep something usually Press me trying to seize my breath but I struggle and overcome. My fellow soldiers there in operation always complain same. One even woke up and saw a very big wound on his head without knowing when it happen. In fact that bush baby is a witch. When I saw It I did not know what it was.after discribing it to my colleagues they told me that is a busy baby.

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