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West African Bush Meat Market; See 10 Wild Animals Sold as Food There (Photos)



Cameroonians, Nigerians, Gabonians, and Ghanaians buy and sell bush meat for food and other purposes. The list below includes rare animals found only in West African markets.



Because of its diverse needs, it is the most traded mammal in the world in the wildlife trade. This food is prohibitively expensive in China, but it is used in Africa for spiritual and traditional medicine.



Baboons, like monkeys, are hunted for their meat and skin.



People frequently pursue Pythons and other venomous snakes in order to obtain their tissue, skin, and blood.

Animals that eat meat.


They are difficult to avoid in some of these business sectors due to their meat and skin. Hyenas, racoons, crocodiles, and wild canines are just a few examples.



In Ghana, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it can be pursued for meat. It is thought to be the origin of Ebola.

Rats and mice


A wide variety of animals are slaughtered and sold for their meat. They are remembered as having more protein than hamburger or lamb, neither of which have as much protein as meat from other animals.



Shoebills are bizarre Jurassic-looking creatures that have evolved into skilled trackers. They also eat crocodiles and snakes!



The aardvark, also known as the “earth pig,” is a rare and infrequently seen animal. They appear to be pigs, and they have an unusual appearance in comparison to tamed plants. The ears are hare-like, while the tail is kangaroo-like.



The okapi is a fascinating cross between a donkey and a zebra that is nearly extinct. It actually owns the backwoods of Northern Congo near the Ugandan border.

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