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“We Stole From Burna Boy”: US Star Steve Harvey Says in Viral Video, Nigerians React



  • Popular American media personality, Steve Harvey, has caused a buzz on social media after he explained how America stole from Africa
  • While explaining his point, the TV show host added that Burna Boy did not steal from America, they stole from him
  • Steve Harvey’s mention of Burna Boy caused a stir on social media as netizens reacted to the viral video

Popular US TV show host, Steve Harvey, got netizens talking over a video that went viral of him explaining how America stole from Africans like Burna Boy.

In the video making the rounds online, the Family Feud show host explained why Black Americans need to touch base with Africans.

According to him, Africans are the kindest and most sincere people he has ever been around. He then went ahead to mention some countries in Africa that people from his side of the world need to visit and experience.

Steve Harvey and Burna Boy.

US TV host Steve Harvey causes stir after making statement on Burna Boy. Photos: @iamsteveharveytv, @burnaboygram Source: Instagram

While explaining his point on Black Americans also being Africans, he added that once his people have been to these different countries in Africa, then they would understand who they really are. According to him, Africans did not steal anything from them, they stole from Africa.


He said:

“Once you see that, you’ll understand who we are. Them Africans ain’t stole nothing from us, they talking about ‘Burna Boy stole this’, no. We stole from Burna Boy, them Africans is us.”

See the video below:

Nigerians react as Steve Harvey says Americans stole from Africans like Burna Boy

After the TV show host and comedian’s video went viral online, it got a lot of netizens talking. Read some of their comments below:


“One of the reasons why I love Steve Harvey. I love the way he address the black community (Africans and African Americans). He let them know we are one.”


Why do they relate burna boy to Africa and not Nigeria. That’s why most of them think Africa is a country. You cant mention Drake and talk abt Europe.”


“What’s the correlation between Burna boy and the African countries he mentioned , Nigeria is the Giant of Africa#.”


“Surprised when he said “we didn’t steal from them, they stole from us” like egbon Steve… have you checked your skin color today?”


“Why did he not mention Nigeria ”


“They regard Nigeria as Africa.. so no need mention it … It’s all Love ❤️.”

Steve Harvey discourages Africans willing to travel abroad

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