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We Have Proof That The Difference Between Votes Of Peter Obi And Tinubu In Lagos Is 600,000 – Ajufo



A chieftain of the Labour Party, Comrade Delly Ajufo has stated that the candidate of his party, Peter Obi is asking to be declared the winner of the presidential election and not for the cancellation of the election.

According to Ajufo, his party has evidence that shows that Peter Obi won Lagos state with a margin of six hundred thousand votes. He also said Peter Obi won Rivers State and Plateau State by a wide margin.


About 10:20 minutes into a video shared on YouTube by NOL24 TV, Ajufo said “We are not asking for the election to be annulled absolutely. We said we won the election and INEC should do the needful. In Lagos, they said Labour Party won by just ten thousand votes difference. No! Labour Party won by over six hundred thousand votes. The difference between Labour Party votes and APC votes was six hundred thousand. We have the facts CONTINUE READING>>>>

“Similarly, in Plateau State Labour Party had about one million votes but in the end what did they give us? Four hundred and something thousand votes. In Rivers State, the mutilations and the changes if we add them up obviously Labour Party’s votes will be more than what was ascribed to Bola Tinubu and I tell you as soon as you correct Lagos vote; you remove the one they gave Tinubu and add it to Labour party consequently the vote ascribed to APC candidate will be reduced.”

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