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“We have obviously learnt nothing, yet another ignoble pantomime like Carmen” – Oseni Rufai



Oseni Rufai a Nigerian politician and member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party.

Oseni Rufai is likely expressing his dissatisfaction with the election process in Nigeria, describing it as “phantasmagorical” (meaning surreal or illusory) and “ignoble pantomime” (meaning a disgraceful show). He suggests that the election process is not reflective of any genuine learning or introspection and compares it to the character Carmen, who seduces her lovers despite the uncertainty of her intentions. It’s unclear from the tweet who specifically Rufai is referring to, but he seems to be making a broader commentary on the state of Nigerian politics.

In Oseni Rufai words, he said “Our very phantasmagorical election process has made another train stop. As we reflect, we must introspect. We have obviously learnt nothing,yet another ignoble pantomime like Carmen! We are all seduced by Carmen despite the uncertainty!

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