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WC Savage star defends massive billboard advertisement



 WC Savage star defends massive billboard advertisement: An OnlyFans star is defending a large billboard she commissioned to promote her channel amid outcry from the local community. Savannah – also known as WC Savage – is currently premiering on an oversized billboard near a junction in Osborne Park in the Perth suburb of Australia.

The ad, which shows her in a bikini on Coogee Beach, includes a link and QR code to her OnlyF, which hosts her adult content. The billboard reportedly angered businesses and parents, and local media reported that the city council, the city of Sterling and Savannah itself were addressing their displeasure.

Still, Savannah said the billboards will remain unless ordered otherwise.

“Obviously people are worried about kids seeing this picture of me on the beach in a bikini, which I think is a bit far-fetched,” she told Perth’s 6PR. “But to each his own. Clearly, OnlyFans is an adult content creation site for adult entertainment.”

Most of the complaints came from children who clicked on links or QR codes on the billboards, WA Media reported.

They even called the trick “crazy.” But Savannah dismissed any notion that children could “trip over” her explicit content.

“Only the F actually has a layer of protection that prevents minors from accessing the site,” she explained. “You need your driver’s license. You need a credit card to access this free site.” Savannah also said it’s not her responsibility to do what other people’s kids do online.

“If teens scan this QR code, then parents should lock their iPhones, tablets, computers, etc. to prevent them from accessing such sites and others that create explicit content,” she said.

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