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Warning Signs That Shows Your Body Needs More Calcium



Warning Signs That Shows Your Body Needs More Calcium:  When it comes to maintaining strong bones and teeth, calcium is arguably the most crucial element in the human body. Having an adequate amount of calcium in the body helps protect against several bone-related diseases and prolong the life of a healthy heart muscle. Calcium deficiency is linked to multiple health issues. Medically, calcium shortage is referred to as Hypocalcemia.

For proper skeletal and muscular development, calcium is essential in the diet of young children. Bone density and height development may be impacted by calcium deficiency. Therefore, getting enough calcium from food is essential for adults, the elderly, and pregnant women.

The following are symptoms of low calcium levels in the body.

One, a spasm in the muscle.

In addition to its role in promoting bone health, calcium is also crucial for skeletal muscle function. Your muscles can’t work as they should without enough calcium in your system. This disorder manifests physically as cramping, twitching, and pain under the arms and thighs. Movement difficulties are a common symptom of calcium insufficiency.

(2) A feeling of numbness or tingling.

Calcium deficiency can sometimes manifest as tingling or numbness in the extremities. Your nerves could be harmed if this is a symptom of something more serious. An inadequate calcium intake impairs the ability to perceive pain and other signals from the neurological system. Deficits in calcium can disrupt normal nerve function.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis, number 3.

Both illnesses pose serious risks to bone health and may persist throughout a person’s life. Bone fragility and breakage are symptoms of osteoporosis, which is caused by calcium deficiency. Osteopenia, which is similar to osteoporosis but less severe, is a condition that affects the bones. You probably don’t get enough calcium into your diet if you have any of these bone problems.

The aforementioned tooth decay and gum diseases.

Due to their calcium content, teeth are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a depleted body supply. People who are calcium deficient are also more likely to develop gum disease and tooth decay. Too little calcium can increase mineral loss, which in turn increases the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Fragile Nails, Number 5.

Kang claims that taking calcium helps your hair and nails grow strong and healthy. If you aren’t receiving enough calcium, it could show in your hair and nails. An absence of this nutrient can be seen in the form of weak, brittle nails and thinning, damaged hair.

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