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“Wake Up”: Young Mother Buys Plenty Fried Chicken, Eats the Meat After Her Kids Fell Asleep in Viral Video



  • A mother bought some chunks of chicken meat and waited for her children to go to sleep before eating
  • In a funny video she posted on TikTok, the woman was seen copiously munching the meat without looking back
  • Her children were seen sleeping deeply while she enjoyed herself, and the video sparked reactions

A mum has posted a video showing how she ate her chicken in the night while her kids were sleeping.

The mother came home with the chicken but waited for her children to go to bed before bringing it out.

Photos of a mother eating chicken.

She ate the meat when her kids were asleep. Photo credit: TikTok/@meetmykids.

Source: TikTok

When the children slept off, she carefully unwrapped the fried chicken meat and did justice to it.

Viral video shows woman eating chicken while kids were asleep

In the video posted by @meetmykids, the woman sat on the floor and ate the meat in peace without any disturbance from the children.


Her children were seen deeply dozing while she ate the chicken alone. She, however, said she could not finish the meat.

The relatable video has sparked reactions among TikTok users, many of who are also parents.

Watch the video below:


Reactions from TikTok users

@rena_asenso said:

“A mother is always a mother…she will later leave them some.”

@adwoasika002 commented:

“My kids can smell food in their sleep.”

@Sana_Hannah said:

“She like I’m also someone child, this kid won’t kill me.”

@Queen of positive vibes said:

“With all this, you will leave them some.”

@user4516576306590 commented:

“I will feel the smell of food.”

@onelovefamily said:

“They don’t need to ask you will keep some for them that it is us.”

@Leo shaocheng commented:

“My story but I will still remain for my boy.”

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