Voters Asked To Swear Before Collecting Spaghetti, Cloths In Niger

In the ongoing governorship and state assembly elections in Niger State, several voters reportedly displayed their Permanent Voter Certificates (PVCs) to politicians and pledged to support particular candidates.

After vowing to support the candidates, it was said that the voters received buckets, spaghetti, shirts, and seasoning cubes.

In particular in Minna, the capital of Niger State, and other towns, politicians courted voters in their homes by providing clothing and food supplies, according to Daily Trust.

According to some voters, after being required to provide their PVCs and swear, each voter was then given two yards of fabric and spaghetti.

One of the recipients, Jamila Mohammed, reported to Daily Trust that she only received spaghetti in the Tunga neighbourhood of Minna.

“Each participant only received one yard of the cloth. What would you make of one garden of fabric? Even a little child will not be able to use it all. Because there were too many people, we even had to fight to get the spaghetti that I had accumulated. It was shocking to watch how women were battling for spaghetti, she claimed.

Baba Usman, a different Dutsen Kura Hausa voter, claimed that other politicians offered to return with additional gifts if they won office in exchange for grains and clothes.

One of the voters in Bida reported that several people rejected the gifts but he did not want his identity to be used.

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