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Viral Video of Lady Glamming Her Boo Up With Makeup and Wig Sparks Debate About Masculinity



  • A video of a lady making up her man’s face in a hilarious process has since gone viral online
  • In the video, the man who does not seem pleased is seen getting his face painted and then being worn a wig in the end
  • However, the video has sparked mixed reactions as some people find the man getting glammed offensive


A video of an interracial couple has gone viral on social media over the lady’s decision to glam her man up with makeup and a wig.

In the video, she is seen going to work on the grumpy man’s face, applying foundation, blush and powder.

Man in makeup
Photos of the man getting glammed up. Credit: @ulahair
Source: Twitter

The video ends with her putting a ginger and blonde wig on his head which he immediately removes, much to her amusement.

Check out the clip below:

Social media users divided over man wearing makeup


“Is it just me or he was feeling it ??? but acting like he don’t.”


“Can we STOP doing this to men? cause hmmm yeaaa ‍♀️”


“This whats wrong with all the negative comments. What happen to having fun with your wife without being looked at a certain way. I dont see why yall having a problem with what tbey choose to have fun doing WITH AND FOR EACH OTHER.”


“These comments not it … this man is obviously comfortable within his masculinity ‍♀️‍♀️y’all need to stop judging and assuming people are less masculine over the things that they do just because it doesn’t fit your wishes.”


“The same women that’s in these comments bashin them for havin fun be the same women cryin cause they man don’t vent/talk to them. Tighten up yall and let them do them.”


“They want to do this to THEIR men because he is comfortable doing it, if he didn’t like it he would’ve said no. If you don’t like it keep scrolling, it’s really that simple. And no it’s not emasculating, If a man is comfortable in his sexuality/role he won’t feel less of a man at all.”


“Can we please stop emasculating our men.?”


“Emasculation of a black man is never funny or cute.”


“Not finding the humour in this but what is interesting is how many men are willing to part take in this foolery and have it posted online.”


“I don’t get why some women do this to their man ??”

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