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Video of Rishi Sunak Performing Ritual At Hindu Temple Happened In 2020




A fact-check by Reuters has revealed that a trending video posted on social media allegedly claiming to show Rishi Sunak performing ritual following his emergence as UK Prime Minister happened in 2020.


Sunak is a British-Indian descent. He is the first man of mixed colour to be appointed as Prime Minister of UK.


Explaining the mix-up, Reuters wrote:


A 2020 video shared on social media of Rishi Sunak lighting candles outside a door on Downing Street has been mistakenly captioned as a Hindu ritual before he took office as prime minister in October 2022.

Social media posts that suggest the clip was captured in October 2022 outside 10 Downing Street in relation to Sunak’s new job has attracted thousands of comments.

One caption added by a Twitter user said: “The new UK PM performing his spiritual/traditional rituals before entering his new office,”

Another person on Facebook said the alleged ritual would “invoke the spirit of success” 

But the video dates from 2020 when Sunak was finance minister, and it shows him lighting candles outside 11 Downing Street, his residence at the time, ahead of Diwali celebrations.


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