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UPDATE: If You Come Across This On The Road Side Please Do Not Stop



UPDATE: If You Come Across This On The Road Side Please Do Not Stop: As the number of carjackings increases, it’s possible that people will start to feel unsafe even in their own communities. Daily, it seems, there’s another report of a car being held hostage, and the pain is compounded by the knowledge that many of the hostages have likely already perished on the road to freedom. Unfortunately, car attacks have increased over the past few years, making road travel hazardous. Some automobile thieves make money by reselling stolen vehicles, while others profit by stealing and selling the cars’ expensive components. To navigate the world today, one must maintain a state of heightened awareness at all times.


It used to be that car thieves could just pull up next to your vehicle, point a gun at you, and make off with your vehicle. Today’s motorists, however, are wise to this tactic and are often armed.

To counter this, modern hijackers are always developing new techniques to catch their victims off guard.  

Recently, hijackers have started using a novel technique that has proven effective because it is so easy for the targets to fall for. To trick passing motorists into helping them escape, kidnappers have begun putting dummies disguised as dead people in the middle of the road. The moment you pull over, somebody takes your vehicle.

There have been numerous victims of this novel form of hijacking. If anyone sees anything out of the ordinary, they should report it to the police immediately. Observe the mock-up images in the gallery below:  

Warnings have been issued immediately. In order to warn others about this type of hijacking, please spread the word. We, along with the police, are responsible for keeping drivers safe. Simply sharing this could save someone’s life or their car from total destruction.

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