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“Typical German Shepherd Behaviour”: Dog Jumps up Many Times to Stop Lady From Dancing & Shaking Waist in Clip



  • A Nigerian lady and her German Shepherd entertained many online when the dog became too clingy to her
  • The dog kept trying to get the lady’s attention when it saw that she was dancing in front of a camera
  • Nigerians who watched the video said that it is evident that the canine beauty really loves playing

A young Nigerian lady and her dog made many people laugh online when she made a dancing video on TikTok.

As the lady was about to dance in her compound, the animal kept jumping on her. It did not give her any breathing space.

The lady tried hard to push the lovely dog off, but the animal would not back down. She got frustrated and just had to stop dancing.

Some people who reacted to her video said that the German shepherd is too clingy.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 70 comments with more than 8,000 likes.

We compiled some of the reactions below:

@—Your-Fav-Babygirl said:

“Hope is not wat m thinking.”

@MM_ said:

“He is so clingy.”

@Bella said:

“Can neva be me.”

@Tunde Oloyede said:

“That’s a German shepherd. They are very playful and clingy. Lovely breed.”

@user4614545188124 said:

“Calm down she go later give u wetin you want after off the camera.”

@David Vidal Fundz said:

“Rich kid spotted.”

@Iam_atmosphere said:

“The dog really wants to join the challenge.”

@Mhiz Dessy Dera said:

“Make una village people enter dah dog.”

@say hey to Ayoka fundz said:

“Make you mistakenly put your hand inside it mouth like that.”

@BekkesFoodDomain said:

“Typical German Shepherd behavior.”

@KHaLiFa: said:

“De dog no gree you mk y do video.”

@queendavid776 said:

“This dog too worry.”

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