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“Two of Nigeria’s Most Educated Ethnic Groups are Fighting Each Other” -Majeed Dahiru says



A prominent political analyst, Majeed Dahiru, has expressed his concerns regarding the ethnic politics being played by some Nigerians of certain ethnic groups. In his interview, Dahiru revealed the possible outcome of the dispute between some Igbos and Yorubas.


Addressing the topic, Dahiru said, “The ongoing issue needs to stop, and it is not in the interest of the opposition or the ruling party either. I say this because something that should have been a thing of joy to Nigerians and a win-win situation for all of us has turned into a battleground for us. It is disheartening that two of Nigeria’s most educated and exposed ethnic groups are fighting. I think those who are disadvantaged educationally will be amazed at how primitive these educated people are acting.

He added, “A fully evolved human being cannot be tribalistic. I urge the president-elect to begin to match his words with actions by preventing his aides from aggravating the situation. The winner should not join words with those who lost and are hurting. Also, the opposition should not burn all their bridges while still in court. The opposition may lose some of its supporters because of the inappropriate comments, while the winning party runs the risk of losing the country.

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