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Tunde Akinsanmi Of Defunct Styl Plus Music Group Resurfaces With New Single, ‘Undercover’ (Listen)




Former member of the then-popular Styl-Plus R&B music group Tunde Akinsanmi, profoundly called Tunde, makes a comeback to the music scene with a brand-new song titled ‘Undercover.’

From 1997 until they disappeared from the music scene in Nigeria around 2011, Styl-Plus was a well-known musical group. ‘Iya Basira,’ ‘Olufunmi,’ ‘Imagine That,’ ‘Stay Alive,’ ‘Call My Name,’ and ‘Four Years’ are a few of their well-known songs.

The group received many award recognitions in Nigeria, as well as international awards from Channel O, Amen Awards, and Kora Award nominees. ‘Call My Name’ won the Channel O Best R&B Video Award in 2015.

Tunde’s brand-new song, ‘Undercover,’ is a singular fusion of the Afrobeats, Amapiano, R&B, and Pop music genres, which would win over the hearts of both his devoted followers and the new generation of music listeners.

In ‘Undercover,’ people are praised for working covertly and waiting to speak up until they’ve accomplished their predetermined objectives. Tunde crooned in a sonorous voice, “Undercover, they know know who I be, them no see me coming, it go do them like film trick.”

Check out the music below;


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