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Tips to Use 6kg Cooking Gas for Months Before Refilling Another One



The basic principle in using cooking gas is to generate heat for cooking by using gas as fuel is fed into the burner or burners.

After going through the burner, it will draw air together with the fuel (gas). In order to generate heat to cookany kind of food, the gas is burnt.

People do refill their gas cylinder most often frequently after exhausting it in a short period of time. The following simple logic can be used for 6kg gas cylinder and many other ones:

1) Light your burner with lighter/matches

2) Regulate the burner by taking to the lowest level

Note that: The more you increase the rate at which the burner burns, the more you waste the gas.

Once the water reaches the boiling point, your food will definitely be ready within a short period of time.

That’s the simple logic! it’s tested and trusted. I used this method when I was in service year and it really worked because my 6kg Cylinder worked perfectly despite cooking at least two times a day.

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