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This Is A Powerful Mixture That Heals Almost Every Sickness



Given that, it is reasonable to think that visiting a hospital or clinic is the best approach to receive medical care when you are ill. What could be the issue, and how can you fix it? However, there are some diseases that just won’t go away no matter how many doctors, clinics, or hospitals we visit.

Sometimes the illnesses we experience don’t call for Western medicine, but rather traditional African medicine. Some of these illnesses necessitate seeking spiritual guidance in order to receive treatment. Because some of these illnesses are the result of witchcraft, you may need spiritual support because you must wage a spiritual battle in order to heal those illnesses.

Whatever you want to call it—remedy, mixture, ritual, etc.—it is intended to treat all illnesses brought on by witchcraft. You will need the following components to prepare this concoction.

1. FG coffee (2 spoons)

2. Trekker java (2 spoons)

3. Cocoa (2 spoons)

4. Dark vinegar (5 spoons)

5. Excel frying fluid (5 spoons)

6. Powdered peppers (2 spoons)

7.Ginger (grate it to 2 spoons)

8. Garlic ( grate it to 2 spoons)

Simple mixing instructions are provided; simply combine all of the mixes; do not add water; just combine them as is. You consume two spoonfuls of the mixture afterward in the morning and in the afternoon.

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