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Things Men Should Do After S3x To Keep Their Pen!s Healthy



While it’s true that intimacy contact with a partner boosts health, there are some behaviors some men avoid thereafter that put them in grave danger according to an article written by webMD.

1. Urinate right after intercourse

After males finish having intercourse, one of the first things they should do is urinate. That way, any bacteria which might have invaded the urethra during intercourse can be washed away. When bacteria from the anus enters the urethra, it might create a urinary tract infection, thus it’s crucial for men to urinate after anal intercourse according to studies.

2. Remove any debris from the organ

After intercourse, males should wash their reproductive organ gently with warm water to get rid of any sweat, semen, or other fluids which might have been secreted. Using soap or other harsh cleaning products on the genital area might irritate the skin and throw off the area’s natural pH balance, so it’s best to avoid them. Alternatively, men can use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser to give their genitalia a light scrubbing after intercourse.

3. Put on baggy clothes

Tight-fitting garments like underwear and jeans are should be avoided after intercourse by males since they collect sweat and provide a breeding environment for bacteria. Men should avoid tight clothing and instead wear loose garments that allow their privates to breathe and prevent moisture buildup.

4. Be sure to hydrate well by taking in lots of water.

The importance of maintaining a healthy fluid balance following intercourse cannot be overstated. In order to eliminate any bacteria that may well have entered the body during intercourse and to prevent UTIs, drinking water is highly recommended.

5. Don’t drink or use caffeine

It’s tempting to reach for a drink after intercourse, but alcohol and caffeine can both cause dehydration, which in turn raises the risk of UTIs. Men, on the other hand, would do well to steer clear of these unhealthy drinks and instead drink water or other hydrating liquids according to studies.

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