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“They Found Themselves Falling in Love”: 2 Men Exchange Their Wives and Kids in Video, Remarry in Style



  • Two neighbours have done something unpopular in marriage by exchanging each other’s spouses
  • It all started with neighbours visiting each other until they began to develop feelings and snuck up on each other
  • The truth was finally revealed and the two men chose to settle their differences legally instead of fighting


Two men who live as neighbours have exchanged their wives and children in a shocking marriage ceremony.

Afrimax, who reported the incident, shared a video from the couple’s legal remarriage, revealing that they are neighbours.

Afrimax explained that Lillian was married to Kelvin and Immaculate to Christopher. As neighbours, they began to visit each other and soon began falling in love with each one’s spouse.

They kept their relationships secret and kept sneaking around until it was all found out. The men then decided to settle their problems amicably by exchanging their spouses and sealing them legally.



Part of their agreement also saw their wives switching to the other side with the kids. The video of the couples stirred reactions online.

Watch the video below:

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Reactions on social media

LOX.4 said:

“Sorry’ but this isn’t any good.”

Chansa Jonathan said:

“Are they playing what playing is this. Is it okay to exchange wife NOO.”

Cher 007 said:

“God’s rule is the only rule.”

Amundam Marline said:


“Thank you for this signal , the red card.”

SassySelkie72 said:

“We do need to follow God’s rules, first, but he’s right about not always conforming to society.”

Sophia Cherrington said:

“They will be burned in hell if they continue with foolishness they play with marriage and God sets the rules in marriage not us.”

Nicholas said:

“I’m a Christian.

“That role wasn’t set by society that was set by God to not cover your neighbors wife.

“Literally what it says exodus chapter 20 verse 17.”

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