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These are the things men suffer from if they have not had Sèx for long



1. Erectile dysfunction is more likely to occur.

If you don’t use it, you might as well throw it away. Men who have intimacy only once or twice a week are twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction as men who have it once or twice a week.

2. Prostate cancer is a possibility for you.

It’s not good for your health if your dry spell extends to the realm of self satisfaction. Men who stop having intimacy may be missing out on the prostate-protective benefits of frequent trysts.

Because the masculine is a muscle, frequent intimacy may help maintain potency in the same way that physical exercise does.

3. You may have an increase in your blood pressure.

Intimacy appears to help lower blood pressure. When you analyze what it does, it makes sense: It provides some cardiovascular and muscle-building exercise while also reducing anxiety and making you feel better. Both of these things can help you keep your numbers in check.

4.Your immune system can deteriorate.

When compared to people who have it less frequently, weekly intimacy appears to strengthen your immune system. One reason could be that it raises levels of immunoglobulin A or IgA which is a germ fighting substance.

However, more isn’t always better in this case. Those who had it more than twice a week had lower IgA levels than those who did not have at all.

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