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These are 5 things you should never do If you find yourself in the middle of a robbery



There are alot of things you shouldn’t do when you’re getting robbed, you may risk loosing your life at that moment.

Some armed robbers are cruel, while some are not. Some of them wants to take your money and your valuable items and leave. While some also wants to hurt you and also take your money.

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do when you’re getting robbed especially if the robbers are armed with weapons, especially guns. It is very hard to detect if the robbers are holding a fake or a real gun

1 – Do not resist handing over your items.

When you’re in the middle of a robbery do not resist, the armed robbers will ask you to hand over your valuable items or your money, do not resist hand it over to them immediately if you refuse, you will most likely end up getting shot or wounded and they’ll still take those things from you.

2 – Do not fight back

Do not fight a robber, do not drag your bag or wallet with them if they try to take it from you, do not drag their weapon with them, you will most likely end up hurting yourself. Obey their orders the moment the robbery is ongoing.

3 – Do not look the robbers directly in the face.

Keep your face down, some robbers doesn’t want you to know their faces or identity, the moment you look them in the face they’ll assume you’ve discovered who they are and you’re most likely going to report them to the police after the robbery and get them identified and arrested, once this happens you might end up getting shot or killed on spot.

4 – Hand over everything they demanded to them.

If those robbers demands for your atm card or expensive items give it to them.

You can rush to your bank immediately after the robbery and block the atm card to avoid them from withdrawing all your money from your account.

5 – Wait for the robbers to leave before looking for an escape route.

Do not try to escape or run while you’re getting robbed you may not be lucky enough to out run the robbers especially if the area you’re getting robbed is a lonely area.

Wait till the robbery is over before you can call for help or look for a safe place to run to.

Go to the police station after the robbery and make a report or statement that you’ve been robbed. You can also track the armed robbers if they took your phone and you still have your phones serial number.

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