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These Are 5 Signs to Tell If Your Phone is Being Tracked



Users are more vulnerable to being tracked or spied on by malicious individuals and applications as technology advances and our reliance on the internet grows.

Here are some indicators that your phone is being tracked, as well as some precautions you can take.

Unknown applications


Some applications may be sent to your device and automatically installed when you receive files from friends or coworkers.

Keep an eye out for applications on your phone that you did not install. These apps may collect personal information about you and track your online activities.

Faster battery drain


Have you noticed that your phone’s battery is draining faster than usual? This is one of the signs that your phone is being watched.

When you unknowingly install a tracking app on your device, it can consume a significant amount of battery power.

An old battery, on the other hand, may drain more quickly. It is critical to inspect your battery’s condition and replace an old one.

Unauthorized phone activities


When your phone is being tracked, it may reboot frequently, light up when idle, or make unusual noises or messages during calls and texts.

It’s possible that your phone is being tracked if it lights up even when you haven’t received a notification or a call.

An unprompted reboot indicates that an application initiated the action.

Unknown browser history

If you use the internet for an extended period of time, your browsing history will grow, and if you do not remember all of the sites you visited, you may miss some unrecognized entries.

These suspicious entries may sign you up for unwanted websites and subscriptions.

Excessive background data usage

To carry out its functions, a tracking app will consume a significant amount of your mobile data. If you notice that your data consumption is higher than usual, you should look into why.

When you enable the hotspot option, you must also ensure that only verified devices connect.

Experts recommend turning off Wi-Fi and then connecting to mobile data; if your data usage suddenly increases, your phone may be tracked.

Install apps only from official app stores to avoid having your phone tracked. You can also revert to the factory settings of your phone.

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