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“There Was Anxiety on Her Father’s Face”: Bold Little Girl without Hands Rejects Help from Dad at Restaurant



  • A touching video of a little girl who was born with both her hands stumped has gotten netizens emotional
  • The little girl was with her parents at a restaurant and they recorded her trying to remove a straw from its paper pocket
  • Her father tried to help her but she kindly declined his help and showed that she could do it without assistance

It is often said that there’s ability in any disability and a cute little girl has joined a host of others to prove this.

In a viral video, the little without hands showed that she could achieve things on her own.

Little girl without hands
Little girl without hands Photo Credit: @worthfeed
Source: Instagram

The little girl has no forearm as the growth of her hands stopped at the elbow side. A little finger can be seen at the tip of the left stump.

She was out with her parents at an outdoor restaurant when she was given a drink in a plastic cup and required a straw to drink with. The straw provided was in a paper protective packet.


The issue was how to remove the straw from the packet. Her father tried to help her do it but she politely declined stating that she could do it.

The smart girl was able to manipulate the straw out of the packet by holding the straw with her stumped hands unto the table and pulling the wrapper down.

All the while, her mother was cheering her on and encouraging her. Her dad however looked on with anxiousness in his eyes. When she succeeded, both her parents clapped for her. When her father asked if he could have a sip of her drink she just stared at him with side eyes.

Social media reactions

@petronawilhel wrote:

“This is amazing! She is amazing! I pray this beautiful little girl will grow to become a beautiful young woman who continues to exude strength.”

@mattkrupss wrote:

“She instantly became the person I admire the most in the whole world! God bless her and her family for raising her this amazing way!”

@leannwahlworthy wrote:

“Love her determination. You’ve got to hand it to her. She could just give in and let others do everything for her but she wants that independence. Good for her!!”

@browerrichard845 said:

“She is a beautiful, intelligent, independent child.”

@pfd.22 commented:

“There was a lot of anxiety in dad’s face but it was all pure love! She’s gonna shine bright!!”

@yo_la8443 commented:

“This brought tears in my eyes.”

@naturalbeauty5781 said:

“Determination! She is not confined in no shape form or fashion made me cry!! Her strength.”

@jazi_grl35 commented:

“That’s God working thru you, and with you all things are possible.”

@petronawilhel said:

“This is amazing!.”

@gpamarv commented:

“Thank you for sharing, I’m 78years old have a Beautiful Wife and 3 Wonderful Children and 8 Great grandchildren. And we have been Married almost 59years in April and I was born with one hand, so God willing there is someone out there that will want to share their life with her. She looks so sweet. May God Bless you and your family.”

@bulma_lovee wrote:

“She believed she could, so she did and she did it flawlessly! Yes!”

@mr.gway commented:

“Can’t get mad at daddy. He will always protect his baby girl. I’m the same way.”

Watch the video below:

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