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The People Who Eats Mopane Worm Should Read This.



Mopane worms are known across the african continent because the sacred tree that produce these worms is found in africa. Countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and other neighbouring countries love mopane worms. If there is too much rain then you will start to see butterflies with different colours everywhere days after it rain. This is an indication that Mopane worms will be available soon enough at the bushes.


If you travel around rural southern Africa you are likely to come across mopane worms, either canned or at a market. People have found the taste described as burned steak ,crunchy and salty as anything will taste if you fry it.


People gather in groups and hire special transport where they will go to the wild especially at the national parks. That’s where Mopane trees are dominant than most places. The reason they go in groups is for their safety because when you are in the wild. There is different animals that can attack you or end up killing you if you are alone. Animals like leopard, lion and other dangerous animals that could be threat to humans.


You will find those Mopane worms all over the ground also in the trees and if you have something like bucket, you can just pick them up and put them in that bucket until it is filled with those worms. They are not harmful like other worms but they have got some small spikes around the body. If you pick them roughly then those spikes can end up hurting your hands. So precaution is needed and you must also be careful of wild animals especially snakes because it can also go there just to eat those worms.


The worm is really a large caterpillar belonging to the belina species,more commonly known as the Emperor moth. It is named mopane because it feeds on the leaves of mopane trees after it hatches in summer and can only be found in southern African countries

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