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The Boiling Point: 200 Million Nigerians on the Brink of Uncontainable Fury in 2023– Veteran Actor Okon Lagos says



Okon Lagos, a veteran actor in the Nigerian film industry, has taken to social media to predict that there will be a time in Nigeria’s future when the frustration and anger of the country’s 200 million citizens will be too great for any individual to control. In an Instagram post, the comic actor drew attention to the fact that even God, who is long-suffering, has a limit to what he can endure.

According to Okon Lagos, Nigerians are not difficult to please and should not be subjected to victimization in the open. He further predicted that a moment would come when the rage and frustration of 200 million Nigerians would defy the fear of death and be too much for anyone to contain.

As a brand influencer, Okon Lagos called on politicians, the Nigerian government, and other key players in the 2023 general elections to understand the gravity of the situation. He emphasized the need for consequences to prevent the abuse of Nigerians, warning that failure to do so could result in the uncontainable anger and frustration of millions of people.

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