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Stop Saying “I lOVE YOU” Because It Is Outdated, Say This Instead



Stop Saying “I lOVE YOU” Because It Is Outdated, Say This Instead: It’s the most common usage. Kind gesture, but do you mean it that way? Many people say that since it’s what they’ve always done. You sure?

How have you stayed so long? A reporter asked a senior couple. “We were born when everything were fixed,” she continued. “Don’t toss it,” I say. I took a big breath after hearing her words. Most individuals today claim love is ownership, not love. Negatively, I think most of our generation doesn’t recognize the difference.


If you’re speechless, don’t say “I love you.” I’ll explain the difference between love and ownership below.

It’s 100/100. Commit fully. It’s no tightrope walk or gamble. Your heart and soul are at stake. True love isn’t blind, despite popular belief. It’s all-seeing.

Refuse manipulations. Love says, “I want you to be happy,” but the voice says, “Make me happy.” Addiction is the antithesis of love, thus owning something is the opposite of loving it. Love requires mutual respect and commitment.

Love tries to be like having something, but possession saves receipts to remind people of nice deeds. Possession is a cage, not love. Possession is a cage, not love. Love seeks to let go of possession. Love is like possessing something.

Love can save a flower from possession. Love is open and transparent, while possession hides. Possession sees the body, not the soul. Love doesn’t keep score, but it knows we’re on the same team.

Love is light, while possessions are dark. Who’s right? questions ownership. Love says “right.” Possession determines direction. Possession argues that it’s better. Love connects people. Love seeks connection.

Sweaty hands and a fast heartbeat don’t indicate affection. It’s quieter. Possession kills everyone it touches. Love heals everyone. Real is love. Love survives while things pass. Real is love.

Perfection is a fantasy, though. Love eats. We need more forgiveness and understanding, not just clichés. Are you ready to persevere? Daily love? Will you also fix everything? Do it now to be joyful forever.

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