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Stop Cheating|| See What Happened to This Man And Woman Who Were Having an Affair



South Africa has made it a priority to eliminate violence against women, but until women stop using males as a resource, nothing will change. Researchers have found that adultery is the greatest killer of married women. Some men can’t divorce their spouses because they have too much invested in the relationship. A story about a man who shot and killed his wife after she left him for another man went viral a few days ago. The man had taken his wife to school and provided for her in every way imaginable, but she still left him for another man.


Not that I’m attempting to defend the women who are a big part of the problem of gender-based violence. There’s been yet another popular story about a man who murdered his cheating wife and her lover. Yesterday, a man apparently went to the residence of the boy’s mother to inquire about her son’s whereabouts. The man reportedly became enraged when she told him the youngster had left and went looking for him inside the house. After confessing to the mother about his affair, he made a threat to the boy’s life if he ever had to leave his wife.


This morning, the man came back and knocked on the door; when the mother realized it was him, she tried to close the door, but he kicked it in and entered; and when he saw the boy sleeping, he shot him dead. The man then got into his car and drove to the home of his lover, where he was met by her mother and brother, who he shot dead before turning his gun on his fiancee. Both the mother and the little brother are alive, but they are in critical condition.


Please don’t cheat, because that’s what starts most killings these days. Especially for the males reading this: killing your unfaithful wife won’t solve the problem; it will only make things worse. There are plenty of better things to do in life than to stay in a relationship that makes you miserable. To combat this, we need everyone’s assistance, not just the police but also men and women. If a person commits an act of gender-based violence, they should be subject to the death penalty again.

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