Stephanie Coker dragged through filth over statement about ‘women raised in Nigeria being snobbish’


Media personality and actress Stephanie Coker has come under serious fire over her statement about women born and raised in Nigeria being snobbish.

In a recent episode of the ‘Me, Her and Everything Else’ podcast, Stephanie Coker said she finds it difficult to befriend women who grew up in Nigeria because of their mindset. In Stephanie Coker’s words:

“I find it hard to make friends with women that have grown up and spent their whole life in Nigeria just because I feel like their mindset is very different. And sometimes I feel people take it that you’re trying to be snobbish or something but no and I’ll give you a very good example.

“When you are out and maybe you’re on a table, If a girl that’s not from abroad, never left Nigeria comes to the table she would greet all the guys and not greet the woman and I’m always like ‘why? What is your problem? I was here first you should at least say hi, how are you?’ But they just sit and act like they can’t see you.”

The statement generated reactions on Twitter with many accusing her of being ‘condescending’ while others questioned her sanity.

Read some of the reactions below:

@boheem_ wrote: What was Stephanie Coker on about? Lmaooo. She’s talking about rude people displaying their rudeness and attributing it to growing up and living in Nigeria. Is she alright?

@McConditional wrote: Tf is Stephanie Coker saying? How does she know people that have lived their entire life abroad? I personally don’t like to greet everyone. I might just say “Heilloor!” And that’s my way of greeting everyone.

@mina_atambi wrote: I like Stephanie Coker but her recent podcast about Nigerian women just gave me all sort of negative vibe about her. Her tone, mannerism and body gestures were even more condescending than the statement. No level of emotional intelligence whatsoever

@NnennaOhizu wrote: please you people should drag stephanie coker by her nostrils.

@Mystery_Gurli wrote: What Stephanie Coker said is nt true. I think it’s individual behavior. I love ppl 2 b comtable around me, if I go smwhere, I greet every1 n even start off with complimenting on thr looks or something. Guys r d ones tht snub. They greet d guys n do as if thy didn’t see d ladies.

@shadajaee wrote: Lmfaooo Stephanie Coker said she don’t fuck with homegrown womenz tf. Everybody and they momma saying rubbish on a Podcast at this point

@SpecialBreed27 wrote: If as a woman I walk into a place and before I greet you, you carry face as per you’re elite, na ogun go kee you! I fit curse you join. Stephanie Coker, this is a woman thingy! Not Nigerian women who haven’t lived abroad or travelled a lot!

Although born in Lagos, Stephanie moved to North London at the age of one. She attended St Mary’s Church of England Primary school in North London.

She later graduated from Brunel University with a degree in Media and Communications.

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