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Some Herbs That Help Fight HIV Virus (Photos)



HIV infection is not necessarily fatal, despite common belief. Medications and selected plants can be used as preventative measures.

Herbs have cancer-preventive properties and should be included in your daily diet. These are some of the best herbs for fighting HIV, according to www.fao.org.

1. Turmeric

The antioxidants provide it a lot of positive properties. There have been reports that turmeric can help inhibit HIV replication. This herb helps the body’s immune system do its job of fighting off illness.


2. Leaf neem

The plant has been used for ages to cure a wide range of illnesses. It can defend against the HIV virus among its many other health advantages. Similar to red blood cells, which act as defense mechanisms in the body, this herb promotes the formation of white blood cells. Neem leaves are briefly boiled in water for sufuria to create the infusion.


3. Eucalyptus.

According to reports, these plants offer therapeutic qualities. In addition to serving a dental purpose, it has been found that they have a significant impact on viral suppression. The leaves or the extract can be used to make tea. Therefore, include it in your everyday diet.

4. Garlic

It is a versatile herb that offers a wide range of health advantages. The plant possesses anticancer qualities that make it useful in the fight against the virus. Food can be directly flavored with garlic.

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