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“Since You Left My Life, Things Haven’t Been the Same”: A Nigerian lady has released her WhatsApp conversation with her ex-boyfriend who wanted to come back into her life



  • A Nigerian lady has released her WhatsApp conversation with her ex-boyfriend who wanted to come back into her life
  • The sorry man named Simeon said that since he dumped her six months ago, his life has not remained the same
  • The lady, Darasimi, he jilted accepted that they could be friends but gave Simeon the shock of his life

A Nigerian lady identified as Darasimi Oyewole has shared her WhatsApp chats with her ex-boyfriend, Simeon, who wants them to get back together.

Darasimi said he jilted her and went as far as insulting her mother as he refused to listen to her.

Simeon, Darasimi Oyewole
Image of a lady for illustration and leaked chats. Photo Credit: @rejoicedorcasa, Whitney Fakolade
Source: Getty Images

Six months after, he returned, seeking to make peace, saying his life has not been the same since they broke up.

According to Simeon, he had been praying and fasting and God revealed to him that he needs her to fulfill his destiny.


“Yes, I know I was rude and I’m ready to make amendment.

“See, since when you left my life things hadn’t been the same again.

“…God keeps revealing you to me. I have been praying and fasting. I’ll need her to fulfill my destiny,” he said to her.

Darasimi slammed him for not giving her a listening ear then but told him that she is now married and accepted that they could just be friends. Screenshots of their chats have stirred reactions online.

Watch the video below:


May they never come back and meet us the way they left us again.

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Social media reactions

amynilla said:

“The guy gt liver.

“He say na Simon ur love.”

Prisca Splendid said:

“Was going through this ,now he is back pleading for a second chance. I’m so confused, what should I do please?”

Silvier98 said:

“We can still be friends?? Babe that minute u suppose delete E number so he wud never reach u again. God 4bid bad thing.”

Berrry Berry Vosa said:

“Me crying this is what shola did to me , but I know God will do His wonders in my life.

“I tap from ur blessings sis.”

ManwaZee said:

“It’s obvious you still like him. Cause someone i don’t love anymore wouldn’t even worth more than 3 sentences from me.”

Chriz spartan said:

“Love is sweet but once broken cant be amend no matter how hard we try. God heal me for am still broken cant love again. never !!!”

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