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“Simple and Soft”: Skilled Man Reconstructs His Bicycle to Look Like Expensive Car, Rides it in TikTok Video



  • A talented man has reconstructed his bicycle and made it to look beautiful like an expensive SUV car
  • A TikTok video shows how the man changed the front of the bicycle to that of a car, complete with tires
  • Funny reactions have trailed the video on TikTok where some people have referred to the man as a genius

A video has shown a man who rebuilt his bicycle and made it to look like an expensive automobile.

In a TikTok video seen on the handle of @rodrigojvideo, the man rode the bicycle on a major road.

Photos of a man riding a bicycle that looks like a car.
The man’s bicycle looks like a car. Photo credit: TikTok/@rodrigojvideo.
Source: TikTok

The video shows that the man replaced the front of his bicycle with the burnet of a car, complete with tires.

The man who rebuilt his bicycle to look like a car

But instead of the traditional one tire that that the front of bicycles are known for, he added one more tire to make them two.


The bicycle, therefore, has three tires, and the front side has headlamps just like a car.

The only thing is that the bicycle does not have an engine as the man still rode it with the pedal.

Meanwhile, the video has sparked reactions on TikTok. Some people have called the man a genius.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions from TikTok users

@ameliagate03 said:

“Life is simple and soft please don’t forget.”

@phabian Audrey254 commented:

“A rare Bentley in Kenya.”

@Rihani commented:

“Good idea. Enjoy your car.”

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