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“She’s So Pretty”: Little girl Jumps In Joy as Teacher Calls Out Test Result, Video Trends



  • A trending video of a beautiful little schoolgirl rejoicing in class over her win has gone viral on TikTok app
  • The girl was standing nervously in class after a written test while they were being assessed by their teacher
  • During the correction time, she found out that she got all the answers correctly and she jumped for joy

It’s always a remarkable moment for school children whenever they discover that they passed their assessments.

In a viral clip, some school pupils had just finished a test and they waited nervously for the teacher to make corrections and announce their results.

Little girl jumps in joy during correction time

Little girl jumps in joy during correction time Photo Credit: @chiibabyy

Source: TikTok

The teacher decided to write down the answers on the board so that everyone could see if their answers were right or wrong.

The pupils were all standing up and looking intently at the blackboard with some of them seeming very nervous.


As soon as the teacher was done, one particular pupil discovered that she got all the answers correctly and her face lit up.

She couldn’t help but jump from her desk into the air with a big smile on her face. Her happiness could be seen by her entire expression.

Other pupils wore similar smiles and expressions indicating that they had good results too.

Social media reactions

@sabzzy commented:

“Those days, I always jump up during correction whether am right or wrong, I no fit carry last.”

@Zehio1808 commented:

“Na me she resemble I too sabi book no be small.”

@Motolani Nancy said:

Our Semilore! I’ve been following you for a while now. I must commend your efforts Ruby, you are really a lady with a good heart.”

@shishi commented:

“The girl behind gat a good smile. Weldone to the little girl.”

@BushMirembe said:


@Matilda506 wrote:

“Wow I can feel her joy.”

@millicentedeh said:

“I just followed u cus of her, nice job.”

@Maabena commented:

“I just followed you dear, so heart melting.”

@user7202143020765 said:


@user3015451470611 said:

“God bless you,I love her energy now.”

@hildah commented:

“I love this gal she gana become a successful woman a swear.”

@sey love said:

“This girl is a happy soul.”

@ItsAvians wrote:

“Ur apsolutely the best teacher in the world.”

@moon_selene wrote:

“What a moment.”

@nhyirabajosephine62 commented:

“The feeling is so strong.”

@Obaapa commented:

“Aww sis May GOD bless you u really understand this profession.”

@Eyrham commented:


@mhiz zeezarh said:

“The joy na different one.”

@dolaniracheal said:

“Wow i love her smile.”

@Richy’s comedy said:

“Loloz imagine if the teacher mistakenly marks her bad or down.”

Watch the video below:


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