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“She Even Carry Pillow”: Angry Hairdresser Joins Sleeping Client to Doze Off, Lays on the Floor in Funny Video



  • A Nigerian hairdresser has gone viral on social media after pulling a fast one on her client who dozed off
  • The hairdresser was not having it after noticing that her client had slept off while her hair was still getting braided
  • In a hilarious video, the hairdresser joined her client to take a nap and the lady got surprised by her actions

A Nigerian hairdresser has revealed how she dealt with a client who dozed off at her salon.

While braiding her client’s hair, she observed that the lady had slept off and she got upset over this.

Hairdresser abandons client
Hairdresser abandons client Photo Credit: @alice_mukendi
Source: TikTok

She immediately moved over to her store room and brought out a pillow and blanket to take a nap just like her client.

Shortly after she laid down, her client woke up and burst into laughter as she sighted the stylist sleeping on the floor.


Social media reactions

@hairperfectionn said:

“Maybe I will try this on client to see her reaction.”

@trillassbroad commented:

“I woulda been mad she woke up so quick. You barely got to lay down.”

@phelyarchy noted:

“Hey Alice I love your work soo much where are you located I come we work together i know braiding too.”

@minola_cakes001 said:

“If i were her i would join you down there we sleep together.”

@pricelessgold02 stated:

“You shouldn’t have laughed and let’s see what she will do.”

@nalitriphonia said:

“I guess she’s was thinking that by the time she wakes up u will be done.”

@kaelliott added:

“I would have gone straight to sleep too because they like to stress person.”

Watch the video below:

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