See The Reason Why You Must Turn Your Phone Into Airplane Mode Before Boarding a Plane

When it comes to meeting datelines, air transport is the most efficient means of Transportation. For those who regularly using airplanes, you’re surely familiar with the time when the flight attendants would ask passenger’s onboard to turn off thiee phones or put them in airplane mode for the length of the journey; in this post, I’ll explain why this is important.

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Firstly, you must comprehend what airplane mode is. Every computer or smartphone has an option called “airplane mode” that turns off the connection to the internet, whether it’s a Wi-Fi or cellular network. In this mode, it is not possible to send SMS, make calls, or even access the internet.

You should put your phone in Airplane mode because of the signals it transmits, according to a post on Your phone actively seeks out the closest mobile network connection when you’re in the air because you’re out of the phone tower’s range. To do this, your phone sends a quick electrical signal in search of cell towers. A plane, however, ends up blocking frequencies across many cell towers due of its rapid movement.

Additionally, the pilot can hear a loud, horrible noise while your phone searches for towers by sending out those electrical signal.

This horrible sound could also be obstruct the Pilot while speaking with air traffic control (ATC) as a result of this signal because the GSM/CMDA technology uses a sort of time-division multiplexing that will automatically lockout devices traveling at high speeds.

In conclusion, in order to prevent obstructing the communication system of the aircraft, you must switch your device to airplane mode to prevent interfering with mobile network hardware on the ground.

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