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See The 3 Health Effects Of Drinking Garri Frequently



According to healthline Although many Nigerians consume garri due to its speed, doing so on a regular basis can lead to health problems. Constant consumption of garri has been linked to a number of health issues, some of which I shall discuss in this post.

The first noticeable effect is on the eyes.

The first noticeable side effect of a daily garri intake is a change in eye health. Cyanide and other substances in garri can damage eye sight. That’s why it’s best if you keep your garri consumption to a minimum.

The condition may make ulcers worse, for one.

You should limit your intake of garri because it contains cyanide and other substances that aggravate ulcers. You shouldn’t consume too much of it, then.

You’ll be physically and mentally weakened by it.

Some of the substances in garri are known to weaken the body almost instantly after consumption, which is one of the most notable negative effects of garri.

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