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See Symptoms of stroke in women that should not be taken for granted



According to Healthline, stroke is a medical ailment that occur when the flow of oxygen-blood to the brain is hindered due to clogged arteries or ruptured blood vessels, which prevent sufficient blood and oxygen from reaching the various cells of the brain.

Because women generally live longer than men, more women have strokes over their lifetimes. Women also have unique risk factors for stroke, including: Having high blood pressure during pregnancy. Using certain types of birth control medicines, especially if they also smoke.

There are a variety of factors that make women more susceptible to having a stroke, but the good news is that early detection and treatment can greatly reduce the likelihood of permanent disability.

Women should be especially aware of the following warning symptoms of a stroke, as outlined by Healthline.

It is usual for women who have had a stroke of this type to experience extreme nausea and/or vomiting after the event.

Also, seizures are a very concerning indicator of a stroke in women.

Stroke symptoms such as persistent hiccups or difficulty breathing, particularly in women, should never be disregarded.

Physical discomfort, dizziness, or fainting is the fourth indicator of a stroke.

To conclude, if a woman has been feeling generally weak, she should make an appointment with a doctor to rule out the possibility of a stroke.

In sum, it is difficult to detect the connection between the aforementioned neurological symptoms and a stroke, which invariably delays treatment and, consequently, in most cases, limits a speedy recovery.

These symptoms should prompt any woman to seek medical attention.

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